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Virtual reality goggles: Oculus Rift

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This little baby here is what could be the future of the gaming industry: Virtual reality Goggles, allowing you to play as if you are the hero of your video games! In class, we talked about Augmented reality, and how its purpose is to add to reality that layer of data and interactivity internet has to offer. And the example that teacher gave were the upcoming Google glasses. In a way, the Oculus is its counter part: The Oculus purpose is to immerse reality into the virtual world.

The Occulus Rift is a Head Mounted Display (HMD for short), as of now, it’s only in it’s developper only form, but thanks to crowd-funding, game developers and designers were able to get a hold of copies to contribute to its insertion to already existing programs and game engines (Yet another victory for the Power of the Crowd!). The coming of such a device would see lots of use, and the disappearance of the screen, that little square that reminds endlessly that what you see before you is nothing but virtual illusions, is something that any gamer would want.

But let’s not just stop at the gaming industry, let’s try to widen our field of view (just like the Oculus Rift will): Imagine the use of HMD to make simulators become even more intuitive, and broaden their diversity. The possibilities keep increasing with each new developper getting their hands on one. 

For now it is only a product in the works, an Alpha version if you prefer, so it still has ways to go before being in any given John Doe’s house, and Of course, there is the issue of avoiding  VR sickeness ( something akin like motion sickness, due to the eyes and inners giving contradictory information to the brain) but there’s plenty of time before arriving in our homes on December 2014, plenty enough to truly become every gamer’s wet dream!

The bottom line of it all? Be it VR or AR, the line between data and truth, virtuality and reality becomes thinner and thinner, maybe one day, it might even become irrelevant. With technology miniaturizing every year, and getting closer and closer to us: from our military bases to our homes, from our homes to our pockets, then our wrists, then our eyes… maybe one day into our brain and nerves, maybe AR and VR will be the only Realities we will know. I know, it sounds like science fiction right now but hey, life is stranger than fiction.

So now I wish to know, are you guys getting pumped up for the Oculus Rift? Or would you prefer to stick to normal screens? And an even bigger question, if it ever became possible would you consider using invasive technology (meaning tech that’s INSIDE your body) to improve your vision of the world? Or would you rather stick to having it in your pocket, hand, face, desk, etc. ?

Now if you’re one of those who smiled throughout the whole post, here is a video of the well known Youtube and fellow gamer Pewdiepie trying out the Oculus Rift. ( he has a potty mouth so it might be a little NSFW, but totally worth it!)


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Cancer Treatment Fund

This child has particularly caught my attention. Maybe you could share so that we can help her, she is almost there! You can give the amount you want, as I said it, unity is strength!

Social media: even the Pope uses them!

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This here is a link to listen about the Pope discussing the necessity to use social media, not only to keep up with the modern world, and keep on understanding the needs and desires of the people but to keep fellow Christians from being lonely. Many other churches now also use the social media to offer preaching for those who can’t come to church on Sundays, forums to discuss about religion are not a rare sight anymore either: God is everywhere you are, and now, with social media, so is the Church.

Crowdfunding, or another way to care

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Crowdfunding, what for? Just take a look at this video.
To my mind it is a such great example of how people can help each others. That could have never happened without social media, don’t you think?

This is what I would like to do, I would like to help someone, randomly, a complete stranger, I would like to give this person a chance to have a better life. That is why I am going to choose a humanitarian cause and do anything I can with the social media to help this person. I would need your help, I need your support, so please, share and comment so that a life can be better.

Skullgirl’s Indiegogo campain

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Have you ever heard of Skullgirls? a Street fighter type of game made by Lab Zero that started out on the Xbox live. This project Should have gone down the drain when the entire team that worked on it got fired. But like litte Squigly in the pirture above, it did not stay dead long! With the Indiegogo Crowdfunding site, the developpers called out the loyal fans to the rescue, a mere 1500,000 dollars to bring to life (or undeath) the new character Squigly. 

Do you know how much they got? 828,768 Dollars! that’s over 3 times the desired ammount! With that cash, not one, not two, but FOUR characters were added, they were able to provide a PC version and are now growing with every day! This here is the power of crowdfunding, A group with a dream, and a crowd who believes in that dream.

if you want to check out the indiegogo page, click right here, if you want the game, it’s on steam and worth every penny, So go buy it!

CrowdSourcing & Crowdfunding, Unity is strength!

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Have you ever heard about crowdfunding and crowdsourcing? Actually I have been talking about it in some articles: it is thanks to those that musician can succeed, but it also a way for scientist to solve some problems. For example there has been this huge and odd project based on crowdsourcing which dealed with “finding aliens in space”. Actually this project has been taken very seriously and a lot of people have started studying space, in order to find some aliens.

More seriously, if you have read the article”Why not let social media run the country”, you can make some links. People can create a whole democracy, getting all connected, sharing, and maybe run a whole country or just help to run it.

I think it is just a technological encyclopedia (as Wikipedia) but also a great chance for artists to get know and see their dreams become true. Unity is strength isn’t it?

What do you think about it? Are you familiar with crowd funding or crowd sourcing?

Follow Phoenix

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I would like to show another side of the Social media.

Indeed they have considerably helped artists to get known, be famous, and succeed. Spotify is a platform about music and through this video they invite us to “Follow Phoenix”, which is a band (very nice actually, they are quite talented) and by following us we can discover what they listen to and get a great culture in music. If they listen to some new artists then get sure most of the fans will listen to it, that is such a great opportunity! Soundcloud is also a great platform to discover music, some artists have seen their career created only by a website!

Do you have any special bands discovered by social media? Or maybe you are a musician looking for a great career? Anyway, please feel free to drop some lines, see you soon!